The Ten Sacred Secrets To Success


Lets be real... making money doing what you are most passionate about can be challenging. 

Some make it look easy while others (like myself) have struggled for years to get something off the ground.... 

Then again, they say any "overnight" success takes a decade of commitment to really breakthrough. Of course this isn't true for all cases....

Abundance, prosperity, success and achievement are all topics that many of us are working towards improving. Myself included. Most definitely. 

Since coming out of being homeless, having a spiritual awakening & now traveling the world, seeking enlightening experiences, money has been a block for me... and its time for me to just be straight up and completely honest and transparent about it. 

Along this journey, I have had many moments where I have ran out of money, not had enough and thus reached out for help. My mother has helped me out on a couple occasions as well as some friends. 

Family will always support you with loving grace and patience but friends on the other hand is a different story.. And I am seeing how my lack of trust and faith in feeling financially supported is putting a strain on my relationships that I care most about. 


So instead of dwelling or being negative minded about it all - I realize this is still a space where I need to bring more of my practice into... practice. 

 So I prayed and asked for guidance around this. I sincerely don't want to have to reach out any more, I pray for more trust and belief in myself, my talents, what I have to offer the world - its time to shift this voice of lack and doubt and truly rise up into abundance - in all ways!

From this prayer, I was guided into a Kundalini Yoga studio, the only one around in these parts.... where I took a class and on the poster board saw a flyer that said, "Success In The Spirit - Achieving True Abundance In the Aquarian Age" by teacher Rajveer Singh Khalsa (Ravi is his name for short - which is also my spiritual name.... synchronistic huh? ;)


Seeing this flyer, I knew I had to attend - this is what I prayed for. I was being guided. Finally, I am receiving some clarity and reminders about spiritual principle behind the laws of abundance that will remain true throughout the ages of all time..

Here are my notes from the workshop on the Ten Sacred Secrets to Abundance in the Aquarian Age:

1) Learning Is NOT A Weakness


My entire life I have always been curious about many topics - from film and photography, to how airplanes are built, to spirituality and the esoteric, conspiracies, government secrets, ufo tech, aliens, genetics, the macrocosm, the microcosm, black holes, germs and viruses, how everyday things are made, whats the truth behind mass produced food, online business, leadership, how to give good speeches, how to overcome fear, how is plastic made, how are cars made, gurus, yogic wisdom, saints, various religious customs, beliefs, Einsteins life, how many gallons of pudding it would take to fill up a swimming pool.... you know because of practical reasons.... I could go on and on and on... I love to research many things that I either know nothing about or have learned a lot about and want to go deeper. 

I used to think being a "jack of all trades" was something to be cautious of.. if I never choose one thing then I may be stuck in this endless cycle of researching this with a surface level understanding and never truly be committed to one particular thing and take it as deep as I can...

When I received this teaching, it took away a layer of uneasiness. My desire to learn more is not a weakness whatsoever, it is one of my greatest strengths - to have a wealth of knowledge to share when the time is appropriate for doing so. Never will I be in a conversation and not have something to contribute - whether by my own integrated life experiences or from what I have read, researched and intellectualized. 

2) If Someone Is Avoiding Reaching Out To You, You Reach Out To Them (Knowing is the Knowledge) 


So, this story Im about to share is a personal matter I have always felt with my father, Steve. I always get the intuitive insight to call him and see how he is doing.. but rarely do I act on it right away - I tend to wait a week... or a month (sorry dad!) before I pick up the phone. Now, this is more of a family matter, but it still is appropriate because when we talked last we sparked ideas that could be potential business ideas and creative pursuits. When we get the inspiration to pick up the phone and check in with someone - family, colleague, peer, business partner, friend, or whatever - we may be missing out on divine intervention trying and attempting to give us the answer or insight we have been so desperately seeking!

3) Be the Alter, Not The Alternative


Isn't that just a great headline and something we should apply more often? When I was in the workshop I asked about this point. "What is my alter" The answer?

The highest, most honest expression of your truth - its the broader perspective that takes conscious effort to tap into. Its that moment when you pause and check in with you TRUE, honest intentions in any given situations. 

The Alter is where you raise your intentions and desires to and turn them over and allow the Universe to work with you and through you. 

4) Let Your Manners Speak For You, Let Your Deliverance Impress You. 

What comes to mind when I read this statement from Yogi Bhajan is a post I read by Hillary Swank on Instagram a while back... it said, to be successful, you don't need to be talented. Kindness, compassion, manners, gratitude, humility are all human characteristics that require NO talent whatsoever. 

She credited her success to be based on these principles of kindness and compassion - and a little bit of talent, but more energy focused with being an overall considerate and kind person in the world. 

5) Work Never Waits, Those Who Wait Have Not Yet Started


Ah! Man.... this is one where I tend to fall short sometimes. As I'm sure many of us do. Key hindrance to success in one word. Procrastination. I've gotten much better over the years, but sometimes it gets the best of me. What can I say, I am only human. At the same time, I have felt the difference when I am in that productive flow and not waiting around. We must take inspired action when we are.... inspired! That is the key. When we get that spark, igniting us to do something, its important for us to act on it. And for longer term projects, its equally important to see it though to its completion. I am someone who is big on commitments so when I start something, I have to fully know what I am getting myself involved in so I can commit to the bigger, long term vision of what I am creating. I won't take action until I have come to this place of commitment. 

So... get started right when you feel inspired and then maintain that inspiration to progress forward and upward. Expand into potential. When we stay committed for the long haul, doing the work that may not be so fun today, we prepare ourselves for the vision that we want to live in that is in the future. 

But we have to start somewhere to arrive at the place we wish to be in. All the while being content in the moment to moment reality on the way there... its a tricky mind / heart game! But that is life. Good thing we have eternity to figure it out!


6) Excuses, Avoidance, Delays Will Not Stop The Consequences

When we remember and embody that life is happening for us and not to us, we don't allow ourselves to go into the excuses. We simply accept the current reality and use our creative projection from within our mind and hearts to create a new reality outside of us that is more desirable.

When we stay in the flow, life is much more enjoyable. 

If we look at the excuses, delays and obstacles and take responsibility with awareness that this will only hinder our success and future consequences... we can stay present in the moment and honor our souls commitments.  

7) Pros, Cons... Always Check Properly. It Will Save You From The Con Games

This is something I have trained myself to do and continuously remind myself to practice. The pros and cons list of any situation that is presented to me where I need to make a decision. 

I used to fear that I would always "make the wrong decision". 

Now, that anxiety has left me a bit because of this simple, but powerful tool. 


Making a pros and cons list, like the headline says, will save you from the con games. This couldn't be more true! And it has simplified my life ten fold. 

Recently, I was faced a decision to work at a yoga studio in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or continue onward and journey through India while taking up a new contract with a manager (in Los Angeles) who would help promote my online services. Now, it may seem easy and a no brainer - but I have to be honest, the stability of living on an Ashram in KL, Malaysia and teaching 4 days a week in one set location sounded so, SO nice... All this traveling is fun and absolutely the adventure of a lifetime, but it can get exhausting at times. So part of me felt like this would be a wonderful pause. The USA visa lasts here for 90 days, so I would be stable for three months then after this, reassess. 

Then I had the other option, continue to travel and have help with someone managing me, drawing in more clients and continuing to live the transient lifestyle, moving from place to place. 

So, I had to make a pros and cons list for both - but also had to look at the long term vision and long term opportunity here. Not just the short term pleasurable "hooks" as I call them. 

After making my list I decided to keep traveling because of this reason, "I set out to see the world, experience culture, live life spontaneously - while also responsibly - and to have someone help grow my branding and online business - that is a much longer term vision that feels right in my body on a cellular level. 

When we make these lists it saves us from the perceived negatives and challenges so we aren't blindsided when they show up. I believe most of us are making decisions based in a mindset without this well rounded awareness. We get so focused on the "high" of a situation and we fail to recognize the challenges that will arise - because that is the game of life - there will always be things to overcome. 

8) Be A Statesman & A Diplomat

From Yogi Bhajan:
If you have a longing to belong, love and reverence are your handy tools to build leadership to sail through the stormy ocean, to enter the port of peace and tranquility.

O Yogi, this is the sacred secret of leadership.

9) Your Individuality, Your Attire, & Your Attitude - All Account Above All


Maybe this is just me, but when you notice when you dress yourself up and look good, you feel good and more productive? Even writing this now, I am a little under the weather and instead of working while in my PJ's (which I could easily do - and sometimes still do...) I got dressed up as if I was going into work.. because what we wear puts us into a certain mindset and then we carry out a role to play. When I am in my PJ's its more of a relaxing, sleepy time. When I wear my collared shirt and pants on I am in another role - one that feels more productive. Whether you work from home or not, how we present ourselves does matter, we express and reflect an energy out of us and that will be interpreted by the outside world seeing us and it also says a lot about how we feel about ourselves too. Like me being in my hotel room in New Delhi, India - no one will see me writing this, but how I show up says a lot about how seriously I take my work. 

This leads into our attitude and individuality as well. Our attitude is paramount to showing up optimistic and ready for what life has to give us - the fun moments as well as the challenges. For in the challenges we gain wisdom, which we can be grateful for. And when times are flowing and fun, we can continue the gratitude.... its all about gratitude... :) 

Our individuality can serve the personality of our soul, which is something Gary Zukav has taught in his material as well. Oprah has highlighted this epiphany as the single most important lesson she has learned throughout her life. 

Combine and synchronize your individuality, your attire and your attitude to create a life that you love and others look up to. These are the three qualities that will help to embody the presence of a true role model.

10) Act Three Ways: Action, Support, Cover. Must Include Safe Place For Retreat


From Yogi Bhajan:
Every action has reaction equal and opposite; what comes, goes; what is born must die. But the wisdom is to create a legacy which is perpetual, everlasting, and a guidance for all. Every action force in strategy must have a cover force, and a place of retreat to take care of the casualties. With that planning one can reach his fulfillment

O Yogi, this the sacred secret of joy and happiness in life.

Blessed are all, O yogi, who follow this path of wisdom.

 With gratitude, love and appreciation, 
Brandon Spratt

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