An Enlightening Conversation With My Mother

On Mother's Day I had a wonderful conversation with my mom about life, passions, purpose, direction and our personal destiny. 

Both my mom and I have our own goals that we are eager to achieve but then theres that voice... 

You know the one... 

The one that doubts possibility and questions every move you make or counteracts every thought you have. 

Since I've been on this journey of discovering the Self, I've gotten a little more refined with my ego's manipulations and my soul's authenticity. 

My only desire these days is to keep myself clear and consistent and as a result, I am able to help other achieve the same. 

In our conversation we were brainstorming some creative, mental mantras that would be more empowering to say to ourselves. 

As soon as I got home, I sat down, meditated for a few minutes, then an Abraham-Hicks style rampage started flowing from me. 

I re-read it after I sent it to my mom a couple times to make sure I really understood everything that just channeled through me. 

It was powerful and it lit me up, reminding me that there is nothing in my way, except for... me. 

I just had to share it with you too - its too good to keep it to myself! 

Mental Mantras: 

 “God/Universe, thank you for providing the inspiration and guide me to perfect people, places, situations that will facilitate the manifestation of the desires within me”                     

“Thank you for all that I have, I have nothing but appreciation for everything in my life, and from this appreciation, I desire some new things in my life so that I can always have more and more to be grateful for.”                                       

“Thank you for all the lessons and experiences I have had up until this point, it has helped me refine my desires and I know that with your grace and support, it can happen, it will happen, it must happen, it has to happen, it will happen, it will happen, it will happen. It is done. It is done. It is done.”                                            

“I may not know how or when these desires will manifest and I know the details are not up to be, but left up to you, entirely. I surrender my wishes and wait for the moment you deliver the inspiration for me to take necessary action. Guide me but also increase my intuition so I can hear and feel your presence with clarity and ease. Bring more ease into my life and allow me to enjoy each moment with... 




....appreciation and remind me to be unconditional towards all people, things, desires, thoughts, etc. it is in my ability to stay consistent with being unconditional that all blocks are removed from the path of my desires.”                                                            

“I recognize that the only thing in my way is me, help me to remember this when I am in moments of doubt and disbelief, remind me that this is a temporary feeling and help me to stay committed to the inspiration, life me up and remind me of why I wanted this in the first place - to feel good, to feel exhilaration, to feel bountiful, to feel the adventure, to experience laughter and joy, to meet new people, see new places, enjoy new things - allow me to be like a child with bewilderment at all of creation, for I am a child in your magical and magnificent creation.” “Remind me when I stray to come back, breath and recognize that all is okay, all is well that I am right on track, I am where I am supposed to be, I am eager and excited for whats to come but understand what is required of me here now in this moment. I am eager and want to jump out ahead of it, but I recognize that Source, God, the entire Universe has my back and won’t allow anything to come into my experience that I am not ready for, so again, I sit back, enjoy whats here today and say thank you thank you thank you.

^ print that out and practice these type of thoughts in your own way. Sit with how YOU want to feel and watch it all come to you 😊 rid yourself of doubt and the thats when the magic really happens. Love you 😊

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